1884 – The Master Distillers Blend


Dear Friends and Family of Beenleigh Rum Distillery,

We are thrilled to announce the exclusive release of our inaugural Master Distillers Blend; the 1884.

1884 has been crafted with over 40 years of experience by our very own Master Distiller, Wayne Stewart. Blending four parcels of Beenleigh Rum, Wayne has crafted a long, silky finish with lingering orange blossom and honey with a hint of cacao – an Australian Rum to treasure with friends, family and to celebrate 137+ years of the Real Australian Spirit.

Over five delicious courses you will journey through Wayne’s selections for his master blend; a 14 year old ex-bourbon barrel rum with a delicate spice finish alongside a 6 year old ex- American oak vat golden hued rum yielding orange blossom, cinnamon and ginger over to a 5 year old ex-bourbon American oak barrel rum with intriguing eucalyptus notes and finally a 9 year old ex- Australian brandy vat rum throwing touches of coconut and honey. Do we have your attention?

We would love to share with you the result, the 1884.

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