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Finders, keepers. The story of Beenleigh Rum.

We are Australia’s oldest operating distillery

In 1884, an abandoned steamboat washed ashore at ‘Beenleigh’, a sugarcane property on the Albert River in Queensland, Australia. Aboard the boat, the SS Walrus, was a tremendous copper still. Fate had landed a gift at the feet of cane growers John Davy and Francis Gooding, and they set about distilling spirit from their own sugarcane. Close to 140 years later, Beenleigh Rum is still crafted at the same riverside location. Beenleigh proudly bears the title of Australia’s oldest registered distillery, holding the country’s ‘Number 1’ licence.

The ingredients are as simple as the day we started: finest sugarcane molasses from a local, family-owned mill. Pure Queensland rainwater from our dam right next to the distillery. Select quality yeast. Copper pot distillation and tailored barrel maturation. And most importantly, the true craftsmanship demanded by genuine rum connoisseurs.

In every drop, experience the toasted caramel warmth of Queensland sunshine, distilled and aged with skill, passion and patience. Congratulations on choosing Beenleigh, the real Australian spirit.


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